A little about Diana Weiss

Diana is the brain and power behind First No harm.

Diana L. Weiss is the president, founder and CEO of Anderson-Weiss and Associates, a training company that provides motivational insight to groups, individuals and leaders who value results. She is a dynamic professional speaker whose passion for life is highly contagious!

As a top rated trainer in her field Diana brings home difficult concepts for learners, making it easier to understand, learn and apply. Diana has been featured in StreetScape magazine, a local, publication in Missouri and has co-authored two books.

Diana is also an experienced leader, facilitator and classroom instructor and has devoted the last seven years training in the healthcare arena.

Diana has traveled across the United States and Canada speaking and training for over 20 years. Her most recent stints involved enthusiastically serving as a site lead, training revenue cycle experts, physicians and nurses.

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